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Super Gourmet Creature Mogumon Yum! Big Bites

Super Gourmet Creature Mogumon Yum! Big Bites

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Yummy Breeding Game is here again.
When you discovered the familiar egg again, your gourmet life with Mogumon starts again!

*Those Gourmet Creature Mogumons come Back!!
"Mogumon" is the living creature that loves yummy foods and evolves depending on what they eat.
Their evolution had changed and new kinds were found!

*The Map is Extended!
Mogumon is good at finding food and they pick up some food when they are sent out to the destination.
In the extended map the collectable food also increased!
Also, players can pick up stuffs such as "tenkasu" while Mogumon is on its way.

*Some events is scheduled to be held at Auntie's Deli (first Event is around July)
"Deli" that satisfies Mogumon's stomach has also enhanced!
It now has variety of dishes from Japanese home-style dishes to world's minor dish such as Sope de Ajo.
Event is now planned to be released around July.
Dishes can be made, Mogumons are added, etc!

*BGMs make the journey more fun!
How about having some BGM while Mogumon is sent out.
You can choose from 5 musics depending on your feeling.

Let's have a Yummu Gourmet Life with Mogumon!

Gourmet Creature Hungry Mogumon

Gourmet Creature Hungry Mogumon

  • Simulation
  • Free
  • iPhone
  • android

Let's start "Yummy" breeding game!

One night, you were entrusted one mysterious egg by one mysterious person...
That was...gourmet living thing, Mogumon's egg!!
From the day Mogumon is born, you and Mogumon's slow gourmet life will start!

☆So mysterious! What is Mogumon!?
Mogumon is a living thing who LOVE yummy foods.
Feed yummy foods to breed Mogumon.
Mogumon will lose spirit when they get hungry.

Mogumon is NOT just good at eating but excellent at finding food material.
Let Mogumon go on trip to find food material and sell them for money.
What you can do with your money? Buy Mogumon's food!
Mogumon's food is sold at Auntie's deli.

☆Ultimate and supremacy!! The taste of home cooking is the key to mogumon's evolution!?☆
What's satisfying Mogumon's stomach, and who is so particular about how foods taste? Of course, it's auntie's deli. Mogumon will grow up eating auntie's deli foods and eventually evolve and breed egg.
How Mogumon evolve will depend on what kind of foods you give.

☆Complete 2 library!?☆
There are 30… 40 kinds of Mogumons total.
Grow as many Mogumon as you can to complete the Mogumon library!

Also, there is food library which records all of the foods given to Mogumon.
There are up to 70 kinds of foods! More kinds of food than Mogumon!

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